Fischer Twin Skin Race (2022/23)

3 000 kr 5 999 kr
Skidlängd - FA-värde - Rekommenderad åkarvikt
3 000 kr 5 999 krdu sparar 3 000 kr
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Fischer Twin Skin Race


The lightweight high-quality Twin Skin ski in Air Core construction: the Twin Skin Race provides perfect grip and excellent gliding properties with new characteristics and two shorter, but wider mohair strips. The perfect partner also for hard and icy conditions.


Item no. NP20622
  • WEIGHT PER SKI 1.190g/197cm
  • BASE / CLIMBING ZONE World Cup Pro / Twin Skin Mohair - K52218


The Twin Skin Race Stiff - Set uses the following technologies:

Air Core Basalite Pro Extremely lightweight and torsion-free construction with highly stable sidewalls. Volcanic basalt fibres for minimum weight and perfect flex characteristics regardless of temperature.