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Middle Europe Snow -1C°...-3C°
Nord Europe Snow -3C°... -10C°
Used for snow down to -10 ° C without icing.


Waxes based on natural and synthetic resins essential for classic technique in cross-country skiing. They allow the ski to anchor to the snow in the pushing phase and at the same time to slide in the sliding phase.

For new snow or snow at beginning of transformation, when crystals are still intact. Normally spread without heat, but they can be applied with iron in particular snow conditions. They cover a range of temperatures from -30°C to +4°C.

They are solid in little can of about 45 g.

Some stick has to be used with different temperatures depending on the geographical location; snow characteristics are not the same throughout the world, conditioning the performance of the wax. For this reason they present a double temperature.

M.E. (Middle Europe) refers to purely alpine and central-southern Europe snow.

N.E. (Nord Europe) refers to scandinavian and northern Europe snow.