ROTTEFELLA Quicklock Skate IFP

399 kr 799 kr
399 kr
399 kr 799 krdu sparar 400 kr


Rottefella Quicklock Skate IFP is developed to achieve maximum kicking power, which gives greater speed and more skiing joy. The binding helps you become a better technical skater and allows you to reach your full skating potential. The wide binding house improves stability and balance in each kick. Rottefella Quicklock Skate is equipped with an integrated Quicklock, to easily move the binding forwards for better control and backwards for better flow. The binding is set with medium flex which easily can be replaced with harder or softer flex. The flex is a flexible pad which provides bending resistance and helps you control the skis. Rottefella Quicklock Skate IFP suits all skate skis with IFP mounting plate.