Bliz Bike Helmet Omega Black

699 kr 999 kr
699 kr
699 kr 999 krdu sparar 300 kr

Omega är utvecklad tillsammans med World Tour cyklister, det gör att hjälmen levererar både hög komfort och skydd i höga hastigheter. 

Hjälmens aerodynamiskt formade skal och dess lättvikts EPS-core ser tillsammans med nack-justeringen till att skydda ditt huvud. 

Our Aero - Airflow Ventilation System alters air flows within and around the helmet based on your speed for crucial ventilation at low speeds yet without unwanted aero drag at high speeds. If you aspire to be a World Tour athlete or just a weekend warrior, the light weight and aerodynamic Bliz Omega allows you to reach your highspeed goals in comfortable protection.

S: 50-54cm

M: 54-58cm

L: 58-61cm

Technical information

1. Lightweight: 220g sm

2. Polycarbonate shell
The Omega has an outer shell made of polycarbonate for its high impact resistance.

2. EPS Core
The Bliz Omaga wraps your head in a high impact resistance EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core to best absorb the impact of any unfortunate collisions.

3. Airflow Ventilation System™
Bliz’s own Airflow Ventilation System was developed using low and high-speed fluid dynamics studies to deliver ideal airflow rates that vary within and around the helmet at every speed. The result is a helmet that delivers pleasant and effective ventilation for increased comfort and safety.

4. Adjustable strap
The Adjustable ear and chin strap allow for perfect fit and increased comfort.

5. 2-way size adjustment
You can adjust your helmets wrap to make it smaller or larger and also adjust how it wraps your neck up and down for a perfect and secure fit.