Rossignol X-IUM DP Premium+ IFP

7 999 kr
7 999 kr
7 999 kr

A top-of-the-range model, which benefits from the PREMIUM + construction tested and approved by the best racers in the world. The X-IUM PREMIUM + Double Poling model is aimed at top-notch skiers who want to avoid using grip wax on certain classic-technique courses so as to optimise the glide and speed of the ski. This requires an excellent physical condition and special training. For racers who want to perform in certain classic races, and in particular on certain long distances with a fairly flat profile, Double Poling serves as a formidable weapon that will allow them to improve their time very significantly. This highly specific ski has a skating construction with a Classic camber for optimum glide on-trail and when using the double-push technique. Its Nomex core and carbon laminates make it very reactive, while its low camber with a longer front gives it a remarkable snow feel. On these skis, the IFP plate is set back 5 cm from normal to allow for greater acceleration when pushing with the arms


A concept which allow to keep only the essential for 100% focus on the performance and the behavior of the ski. Light + techno, this is the A construction that eliminates heading, allowing weight gain, more maneuverability, more performance, and less energy spent by the skier.

Composed of ultra-lightweight aramid fibers in a hexagonal (honeycomb) shape, NOMEX delivers the highest strength-to-weight ratio for powerful, elite-level performance.


New kind of edge developed for Skating technique. It is built from two distinct materials and brings a greater fluidity while Skating

SKATING DOUBLE GUIDE GROOVEDOUBLE GROOVE GUIDE aids in tracking and stability for improved directional control while skate skiing.

Nordic Base Tuning K7000 / UNIVERSAL
Nordic Plate IFP
Nordic Ski Construction 3D Carbon Profil, Supra Edge,Activ'cap, Low tip
Nordic SkiCore Nomex
Nordic Ski Program Racing
Ski Sidecuts Dimensions 40 - 44 - 43 - 43
Ski Sidecuts Dimensions 40 - 44 - 43 - 43